Potrdilo o opravljenem strokovnem usposabljanju po programu za oskrbnike živali

The right breed is chosen on the basis of appearance, size, activities that we want to do with the dog, the area where the dog will be living, the complexity of the training and the necessary knowledge for mastering certain breeds, etc.

At our facility we breed the following breeds:

  • Pugs,
  • Boston Terriers,
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels,
  • Chihuahuas,
  • Yorkshire Terriers,
  • Pomeranians (often known as Poms or Pom Poms),
  • Japanese Chins.

We have been actively working as breeders for the past seven years. All our customers take good care of their pets, as the families, into which our young doggy offspring will go, are carefully selected. We also provide our customers with the possibility of returning the puppy if, after some consideration, you find that you are unable to fulfill this demanding parental responsibility. We own a stud dog for all of our dog breeds; all our dogs have a pedigree, are micro chipped for permanent identification, and are under constant surveillance of the Veterinary hospital Šentjur.