Puppies are born blind and deaf. We usually have 4 puppies (the number varies). During their first days puppies spend 90% of the time sleeping and the remaining time eating. After ten days they start to see. A week later most of them can hear and after three weeks they already begin to bark and wag their tail. As one more week passes the socialization of the puppies starts. The appropriate age for giving puppies away is about eight weeks old, when it is easier for the puppies to adapt to new environments and people. Before we go and acquire a puppy, we need to prepare everything necessary: buy a cup for water and food, a collar and a leash, prepare a bed, a cage for the puppy, for times when he is not under our supervision, etc. Upon the arrival at their new home, our puppies are socialized, at least partly accustomed to room cleanliness, vaccinated, micro chipped for permanent identification, and have their own passport.