Dog hotel

All of us like taking a vacation and opening ourselves to new experiences such as trips and holidays, without having to worry about anything. However, when it comes to holidays, cat and dog owners have at least one more concern to deal with. Every year they seem to be facing the same dilemma of whether to take their hairy four-legged friends along on vacation (of course , if it is allowed?) or leave them with friends or relatives. There is, however, always a third choice. Dog and cat owners can always decide to entrust their beloved pet to our professional and caring staff right here at the DOG HOTEL.

At our DOG HOTEL, we have built a legacy of extraordinary amenities and services for your dog! Setting the standard as one of the most exclusive resort facilities, our dog hotel prides itself as the absolute best and most experienced dog care facility available today.

Our DOG HOTEL offers modern 5 star luxury dog boarding, accommodations and amenities for your most precious companions while you are away on work or play. All of our doggy guest accommodations feature our signature modern styling, unexpected interior appointments and a fresh relaxing color palette. Our hotel sets out from its inception to create the ultimate boarding experience for your dogs! We are NOT a dog kennel, in fact just the opposite. Our goal is to create an environment as close to home as possible. After experiencing the heartbreaking kennel and cage boarding situations in the majority of other facilities, we knew we had to create an environment that was luxurious, relaxing, clean, and safe and the least stressful experience a dog could ever have while you are out of town.

So why not entrust your beloved pet to our professional animal caregivers. Among many other things our DOG HOTEL offers complete control (video surveillance 24 hours), air-conditioned rooms (in winter, all the accommodations are heated), comfortable and safe transportation (transportation to the Dog hotel and back), a fenced meadow for your pet to release excess energy, food and pet care provided by a qualified dog groomer educated in Vienna.

We also provide a DOG DAY CARE – a one-day care between 6am and 9pm or by arrangement. At the request of our customers we can also pick up the puppy at their home and bring it back after the day care is finished. The day care is filled with many happy hours of playing and there is also a possibility of all-day real-time video monitoring (also a special care program is available on request).