A dog groomer, who deals with shearing dogs, should be well motivated for this type of work and familiar with the shearing requirements of individual dog breeds and, of course, appreciate the wishes and requirements of the customers. Therefore, we understand dog care to be a great responsibility, as it often not only helps to improve the appearance with a beauty makeover, but also contributes to the welfare of the dog. We understand that in this type of work, which requires years of experience, the establishment of a proper connection with the dog is of utmost importance, as it helps create better hairstyles.

The special cosmetics and pet care products are adjusted according to the individual needs of the breed and the character of the dog. With us, your pets are in reliable hands. Our dog care program includes pet care, grooming, bathing, cleaning of ears and eyes, nail trimming – if necessary, cleaning of anal glands and care for dog paw pads … Care and hygiene play a major role in the overall wellbeing and health of the dog.